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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The dommed domes

A straight carpeted road of some 13 kilometer distance joins River Saifan to Batapur Lahore. Along one side of this road BRB canal flows having tall trees standing at both ends. On other side there are small villages and fields. I came to acquaintance with this road long ago. Along with my younger brother, we used to ride bicycle on it. I still remembered the early morning rides on this road, when we use to come across variety of birds and other rare species. The Bea-eaters and Indian rollers flying in front of us without any fear greeting us good morning.

Bhaini is a small pre-partition village consists of only few houses located some six kilometer on Batapur-Saifan road. Few months back, I came to know about an old edifice located in the vicinity of Bhaini. On last Sunday, I visited that place with one of my friend.

When entering in this village you will see clump of trees present outside the periphery. This is graveyard of Bhaini, in center of this a tall 20 ft high old structure standing. This is a semicircle arch gateway, which has indentation in the main wall which proves it to be a Mihrab, a part of mosque. On side of this Mihrab structure brick groves still visible that tells there was an adjoining front wall with this structure which demolished with time. There is small courtyard in front of this structure having grave in middle. Locals using this for purposes of both mosque and Jinazgah. The Miharab is constructed with Nanakshahi bricks which are laid in kankad lime. There are still marks of remains of inside fresco work. Having this high dimension Mihrab that narrates this would be one of the magnificent mosques of its time. This mosque is at least three to four centuries old.

There are many questions coming in mind at that time, what happened to its remaining structure? How it gets demolished?

After a brainstorming, I myself got few answers to solving this mystery. This site is hardly located four kilometer from the River Ravi. Over the period of time Ravi has changed its route. Couple of decades ago I have seen the highest peak flood of my life here, when Ravi was just few meters down from top level of ring road. Flood probably flown away the wall of this structure and only Miharb which is intact structure has left.
The second theory is that this site is hardly four kilometer away from indo-pak border and in hitting zone of Indians guns in both of 1965 and 1971 of indo-pakisatni wars. Maybe the major structure of this mosque gets demolished at that time.

When we were leaving many things were rummaging my mind... Where is the mind who thought of this mosque… where are the hands who built that mosque ... Where are the foreheads gone who bowed before Almighty....

Oh my Lord you show colours with this hazy thought we slowly moved and the mosque disappeared in slowly in dark

Friday, 4 December 2015

A Three Hundred Year Old Mosque of Jhandiala

Jhandiala is a small village located on Batapur saifan road in Lahore. Some three centuries ago a Saint named Faqeer Mubarak Shah inhabited this place. A small mausoleum built for his grave the area around it gradually converted into graveyard. Along with this mausoleum of Mubarak Shah a small mosque was also constructed which is told to be three hundred years old.

At present this mosque combines the functions of both mosque and Jinazgah. There is a foundation stone set in front wall, which narrates the mosque was constructed by Hafiz Muhammed Hayat (a descendant of Faqeer Mubarak Shah) and  for construction of this mosque, fund was donated by a Mughal noble Razaaq Baig son of Bahadar Baig.

There are three domes, one main and two minor which is a common feature of Mughal architecture. The interior of mosque is some treat to watch. There are four support arches constructed perpendicular to main walls to support the roof and domes. These arches are double Moorish multifold type. The mosque is constructed of bricks which are laid in kankad lime. The arches and interior adorned with fresco paintings. The original exterior look of mosque is vanished because of recently doing white washed on front.