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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Haveli of Sardar Jawala singh sandhu Padhana also named Haveli of Sardar Harcharan Singh

October 20, 2013
Well living in Lahore for all my life I must admit that I haven't seen Lahore. First time today I went towards the very end of barki road to Sardar Charan Singh Haveli who later converted to Islam and had name of Sardar Sana Ullah.

This is the Haveli of sardar jawala singh padhania They were Sandhu Jatts They were one of the Oldest Sardars in the Punjab, The Eldest Sister of Rani Jind Kaur(Empress Of Punjab) was married to the Sardar Jawala Singh (d.1835) of Padhana. Even during era of Sher-e-Panjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh They were powerful Sardars of Padhana Village From the 18th Century and 19th Century and Early 20th century until 1947 Partition.

Padhana Had a Large number of Sikh Sardars from 18th Century-20th Century. This was there old Haveli Which you can see in picture.

JAVALA SINGH PADHANIA alias LAKHDATA (d. 1835), a SandhuJatt of the village of Padhana, in Lahore district, was a military commander in Sikh times. His father, Mit Singh (d. 1814), had joined service under Mahari Singh Sukkarchakkia and continued to serve under his son Maharaja Ranjit Singh, taking part in several of his military campaigns. Sohan Lal Sun, the official Lahore diarisi, lists Javala Singh, among the principal sarddrs of the Maharaja. Javala Sihgh following in his father`s footsteps, took part in the Maharaja`s Malva campaign of 1807 and in expeditions of Multan (1818), Kashmir (1819) and Mankcra (1821). He was put in charge of the fortress of Attock which he, with a handful of troops, successfully guarded against Afghan onslaughts.

In 1829, Javala Singh suffered a stroke of paralysis and retired from active service. A brave soldier, he was a man of generous disposition. Many stories are current of his generosity towards faqirs, Brahmans and indigent persons. It is recorded that he rescued from custody Diwan Baisakha Singh, a kdrddr under Karivar Shcr Singh, by paying his entire fine of over one lakh of rupees where after he came to be known as Lakhdata (dispenser or lakhs or millions). Javala Singh, who was married to the elder sister of MaharaniJind Kaur, laid out an extensive garden midway between Lahore and the Badami Bagh, which became the Maharaja`s favourite resort. He often held his court there and received foreign dignitaries. Javala Singh died in 1835.