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Friday, 4 December 2015

A Three Hundred Year Old Mosque of Jhandiala

Jhandiala is a small village located on Batapur saifan road in Lahore. Some three centuries ago a Saint named Faqeer Mubarak Shah inhabited this place. A small mausoleum built for his grave the area around it gradually converted into graveyard. Along with this mausoleum of Mubarak Shah a small mosque was also constructed which is told to be three hundred years old.

At present this mosque combines the functions of both mosque and Jinazgah. There is a foundation stone set in front wall, which narrates the mosque was constructed by Hafiz Muhammed Hayat (a descendant of Faqeer Mubarak Shah) and  for construction of this mosque, fund was donated by a Mughal noble Razaaq Baig son of Bahadar Baig.

There are three domes, one main and two minor which is a common feature of Mughal architecture. The interior of mosque is some treat to watch. There are four support arches constructed perpendicular to main walls to support the roof and domes. These arches are double Moorish multifold type. The mosque is constructed of bricks which are laid in kankad lime. The arches and interior adorned with fresco paintings. The original exterior look of mosque is vanished because of recently doing white washed on front.