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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ancient Kushan Mound at Satgarah, The remnant of an OLD City

Last year, when I travelled to Depalpur the Fort city, visiting Satgarah was also in my plan. But, could not visit Satgarah and its surrounding due to shortage of time.
I saw pictures of Kushan mound few years back and only know that this site is  located in outskirts of Okara city. Earlier this month, I have travelled to Okara city for official duties, luckily I got some spare time, so thought to visit the Chakar Khan tomb located at Satgarah. Before reaching to Satgarah, I found a tall brick mound located at some height. I recognized it first site that it is Kushan mound, we stop our vehicle and took some shots.
Historian researched about this place and they conclude that mounds of brick debris at Satghara mark the site of a forgotten town, the coins found at Satghara prove that it was inhabited in the time of the Kushan dynasty.

The name of this town "Satghara" is commonly believed to drive its name from words (Saat or Seven) (Ghara or pitchers) or seven ghars seven homes. Another sound historical folklore is narrated that some injured soldiers of Alexandar the Great (belonging to ancient town of Stageira of Macedonia) resided there and they named this ancient town as Stageira now corrupted as Satghara.