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Monday, 15 June 2015

Remnant of Arched Gateway of Nadira Begum Garden

In the farthest suburbs of Lahore, was a community known as Mian Mir, named for the famous Sufi saint buried there in 1635. The Mian Mir area acquired special spiritual significance for the Mughal dynasty during the governorship of Prince Dara Shikoh, who sought advice from Mulla Shah, a disciple of Mian Mir. Over time, the sites established in the Mian Mir area achieved a remarkable synthesis of Mughal and Sufi tradition.

Further east, on axis, is the tank and tomb of Nadira Begum the wife of Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh.
Few years back, I had trotter shoes in my feet. I was always in search of lost, neglected historical architectures sites in Lahore; and when I came to know about them, I could not able to sleep comfortably up till I visit that place. I don’t know, I have strange relation and love with these edifices. In fact  I found inner peace in myself after exploring them.

Few years back, I came to know about this place from one of my friend Syed Faizan Naqvi, who is native of this area. This is 12 ft high tall arched gateway and bricks laid there were of Mughal era masonry pattern. I took coordinates of this site and mapped in Google earth and found that this site is located hardly 0.2 kilometer from Mian Mir Tomb on its North West axis. After discussing with few of  my historian friends, I came to conclusion that this gateway entrance must be part of Mian Mir and Nadira Begum  Garden.

The structure is really in bad condition and may be fall in few years and vanish forever.