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Monday, 1 June 2015

Baradari Village

06 January, 2015

Baradari village located somewhat 14 kilometer from Jalo Mor in outskirts of Lahore.

In order to reach Baradari village, one has to reach Manhala first after crossing BRB Canal near to  Jalo Mor; from Manhala you have to travel in north direction to reach Narwar village, which is further located at 5.5km distance; Bardari village located at distance of 0.95 km from Narwar village in east direction.

As its names reflects, once there was a magnificent Baradari present in this village and its surrounding there was a small Gurdwara as well. There were twelve rooms around the Baradari for Sikh pilgrims. Also, there was arched gateway at entrance. It was fallen during 1965 war. There are still some remains of floral paintings inside the Gurdwara. This place has stories of some gold buried by Sikhs, when they left this place during partition; and in search of this gold the surroundings of this Bara dari excavated many times.