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Monday, 15 August 2016

Sirkhata Lake Kohistan

In this picture we both brothers were sitting on upstream of Sirkhata Lake with Kohistani Shepherds, the valley situated deep inside the Kohistan where there is no internet, approach roads and telephonic connection. Sirkhata Lake is one of the biggest lake of Kohistan. A gem of place.

It took us two days of tough hike to reach this place in which we also have to cross an unnamed pass which was situated above 4300 meters; there is a kilometer long snow patch at top. My friend as you know trekking is not only exploring new places, it also helps you to understand the culture and behavior of local peoples. Before visiting this place we have heard so many false stories about Kohistan. The security threats, strict religious views and so many more negative things related to area. You can see us in trousers, when we reached this village all villagers came out of their houses to receive us. Every adult and kid of the village embraced with us took our luggage on their shoulders and gave us place in their Bathak (meet up place). We were dead tired and the next treatment which we received that could not be described in words. The oldest man of the village came and sits beside us and he started massaging our legs and shoulder. We tried to stop him but he said no you’re our guest and came from so far. We requested them to give some place to pitch our camps. But one of villagers took us to their home, gave us warm blankets, pillows, it was such a treatment that we are sitting at home. The brought warm goat milk with bread for us, it was very energetic and tasty. After this they also served us with tea. At night, it started raining and  got freezing cold.  I was talking with my brother Salman and Rashid bhi (our trekking member from faislabad) why they are so many negative stories about Kohistan? Were we sitting on some other place? We all three were smiling on this topic.

Next day we got up early in the morning, before leaving everybody again came to meet with us. Earlier night Salman distribute candies among children’s. Every Children eyes were glittering with expression of thanks.  I asked the local, I will share their hospitality and love with my friends of trekking community and Inshallah we will brought more tourist here.In coming years this place will replace Naran and Kaghan…#promote #tourism in #kohistan