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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The North East Sirkhata Pass, Supat Valley Kohistan

While sleeping at night on first day campsite, the only thing which came in my mind was to return back from here. Earlier, we had faced bad attitude of porters, unfriendly behavior of Gujjar’s, unavailability of bread in villages and most of all, the unplanned glacier road blockage. Our four team members have already returned back on day one. Among them, one of our team members Tanwir Jogi got seriously ill because of diarrhea and have to return back to Soch village, even before the start of trek. Everything bad was happening with us. 

On second day morning, when I opened my eyes, I saw five out of eight of our team members were preparing to return back from here. They did not wanted to waste more days on this journey. I asked from Rashid bhi a friend of mine from Faisalabad and my brother Salman what we should do now. Would, we go further from here or also returned back with rest. Both asked me whatever decision has to be taken, that need to be carried out by me and they will be agreed on it. Salman came to me and said, at least we should gave a try and let the other members returned. He further said, It might be happened that we could never able to visit this place again in our lives. I decided we three will continue the journey ahead. We revised our plan and decided to attempt North east pass for entering Sirkhata valley. This pass was earlier discussed with me by one of the icon of mountaineering Ahmed Mujtaba. According to him it is tough one. From top of this mountain pass there are three further routes extends: one extends towards Manusar Lake the other one enters into upstream of Jalkot nala valley and third one which we have attempted was upstream of Sirkhata valey..

A pictorial representation of our journey from camp-1 to Sirkhata north east pass is available in this album.