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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Haveli Bhalaki Shah Goomti Bazaar Walled City Lahore

March 31, 2013
Haveli Bhalki Shah is located in Goomti Bazaar in walled city Lahore. It was one of the finest architecture of time. At present the front view looks ugly due to lot of electric cables passing in vicinity. Some glimpse of glory of past of this great architecture still visible from wooden craftsmanship in front elevation.  Front balcony is painted in white which doesn’t appear to be its original color.

There is also a wooden balcony present in rear elevation of this building; which design and color is somewhat  different from front one.

There are different stories still alive with Bhalaki Shah, few told that he was a rich Hindu banker; for some, he was notorious person of time. Also, there are many quotes famous in walled city related to Bhalaki Shah, One of them still famous is, “Tu bara Bhalki Shah bana phirta hain”.