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Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Tomb in Lahore with Unknown History


After construction of Shalimar garden in 16th century, extensive residences, villages, shrines and tomb began to line the new alignment of Grand trunk road in the mid-seventeenth century.

Begumpura is the most interesting town, in terms of Mughal gardens, to survive along the Grand Trunk Road between Lahore Fort and Shalimar garden. The sites of Begumpura developed over a hundred-year period from the mid-seventeenth to the mid-eighteenth century. They include tombs, gardens, gates, walls, wells, mosques, shrines, and residential havelis. You can still found remains of many of these historical sites in this area. Unfortunately no proper care has been done to protect this great heritage of past. I am exploring and trying to collect historical information of these sites from many years. But still there are few edifices those historical details are not available. One of such unknown structure located near Shazo laboratory cup store Lahore. 

On first sight it looks like tomb constructed somewhere in seventeenth century. It was square building roughly 18 feet in both horizontal dimensions. The actual plinth level was below the current natural soil level. The side walls were 12 feet in height; above this there was a dome raised.

Then, I started to inspect inside of this unknown tomb. It was big surprise to see the inner dome of this structure, which was raised quite lower then outside dome.  This was double shell dome construction. This technique used by Mughal’s in past for constructions of tombs.  The lower part of inner dome was divided in eight equal partitions. That might be used as openings for entrance of light. There are still remains of art work inside these partitions.

Unfortunately, the entire building is white washed and now local residents using it as Mosque. Before 1965 this area was renowned for having distilleries then after this it was purchased by some medicine factory. The area was prohibited for general public and that tomb remains hidden for many decades. The tomb in past also used as shop as told by a local resident. He also told before using it for mosque they have excavated the floor of tomb to check whether there was some burial inside but found nothing.

No further history available about this unknown tomb which is using as mosque at time