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Thursday, 21 May 2015

#An Edifice which will make you cry..#Samadhi at Kohrian

#An Edifice which will make you Cry

Kohrian is a small village located hardly 3 kilometer from BRB canal on Barki road. We came to know about existence of an old Samadhi in this village. So, we decided to pay a visit to this edifice as well; in our recent exploration of Sikh Era architectures in outskirt of Lahore. Approach road to Kohrian was in very bad condition.  The current Samadhi located in middle of village.  Sadly, it was half demolished. Locals told that this was done in order to widen the road. The most interesting thing in this Samadhi was interior fresco art work. That was so beautiful that almost made me spell bound for a moment. It was really sad to see this great heritage in this bad condition. Many questions arose in mind after this; what our archeological department is doing? What the hell they are not doing anything for protecting them. There are many such structures that will vanish in few years and our next generations will not even know that such an art ever exists in Pakistan