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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Few years back me along with my friend Tanwir Jogi was wondering in outskirts of Lahore in search of daffodils. This was the first time, when we came across this magnificent architecture of Past. At that moment, we were already late and  did not have time, so we decided to visit this place some other time.

On 3rd of May, 2015 we ride once again to explore old architectures of Sikh era in these areas. This site was also in our visit list.

The sacred Shrine believed to be of "Guru Nanak Dev Ji" is located near Jahman Village. Jahman village is less than two kilometers from Indo-Pak border. In order to reach there, one has to travel on Badian road and to reach BRB canal. From there Jhaman village is roughly located less than three kilometers. The approach road to village is carpeted and one can reach to site on four wheeler vehicle as well.

According to SikiWiki/Iqbal Qaiser ;

"The place where Guru Dev Ji had stayed came to be known as Rori Sahib. He came to this place thrice because the maternal grand parents of Guru Dev Ji were settled in the nearby Village called Dera Chahal (there's another Gurudwara there too).

There was a small pool at that time which was later expanded into a tank by one of his followers, Naria, a dweller of this Village. It was through his preaching and devotion that a large number of Bhabray were converted to Sikhism.The construction of the Shrine was started by Bhai Wadhawa Singh and a beautiful Darbar was built. Fairs used to be held on Visakhi and 20th of Jaith. There is an endowment of '100 Bigha land in the name of Gurdwara. The tank has once again depleted into a small pool and the dome is in need of repairs. In case no repairs are carried within a short time it will become a heap of dust."