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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kos Minar of Manhala

OS Minar or Mile Pillars are medieval milestones that were made by the 16thcentury Afghan Ruler Sher Shah Suri and later on by Mughal emperors. Well most of us who got interest in historical architectures of Lahore, knows that one of the remains of KOS Minar located in Gari Shahu area of Lahore. 

Whereas, one such similar edifice exists in Manhala village located in outskirts of Lahore. From distance it appears to be a brick chimney, one has to walk around the fields to reach to it. The Minar bottom foundation portion is not in good shape, some bricks are missing which ultimately weaken the strength of whole structure.
It is sad to note that Kos Minar located in Gari Shahu is properly protected with construction of park around it. Whereas, no one from authorities looking notice for protection of this structure. For more details and information about this contact (