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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

# The Oldest Edifice in Outskirts of Lahore # Gurdawara Roop Chand or an Unknown Mughal Era Baradari

# The Oldest Edifice in Outskirts of Lahore

# Gurdawara Roop Chand or an Unknown Mughal Era Baradari

Along with my brother and one friend Kashif Gurki; we three were exploring outskirts of Lahore. Our aim was to find historical remains of Sikh era. After visiting a Samadhi in Kohrian village present at Barki road, we headed further towards Jahman village which is present along the BRB canal. On BRB canal a local person inquired us the reason of our visit.  We told him that we are history lovers and are in search of old architectures. He told us that there are remains of an old Samadhi in a small village named Gaga. We decided to visit Gaga first.

Gaga is a small village. Its present near Nurpur. Nurpur is the village where great wrestler of sub-continent; Kikar Singh; got training for wrestling in early years of his life.

This site is located on far end of Gaga village. It was allocated to migrants of 1947 partition. Ancestors of those migrants shared an interesting story with us that this edifice is basically a tomb of a Sikh Roop Chand who was buried here after converting to Islam. But they were not sure about this story as they are settled here from last 68 year and this structure seems to be at least 300 year old. That might be a Samadhi.

It has roughly 12 x 12 feet in horizontal dimensions and 10 ft in height. It has arch opening on all four sides and one side opening was closed with temporary brick masonry. The top roof dome had fallen few years back.

I have seen almost every old structure of Sikh era in this area. But, this building architecture is quite different from them. In Sikh gurdawaras and Samadhis; the entrance opening are from eastern side which is auspicious old tradition. But this structure has openings on all four sides; which is not observed anywhere else. This type of configuration was usually used in Mughal Bardari’s. Locals also told us that few decades back it has a tall entrance gateway and garden which disappeared with the passage of time.

Bricks used in construction of this edifice are different as compared to bricks used in any historical building in outskirts of Lahore.  Arches, partitions and brickwork; all relates to Mughal construction. I came to conclusion that maybe it was tomb or baradari constructed in Mughal era and during Sikh era that might be converted into Gurdawara or Samadhi…..